Egg boiling with the meibox

Practical and smart!

The two special designed inserts, each holding four eggs, in the MeiBox, have besides their practical handling many other applications. So are they, e. g. they are a useful aid in egg boiling. As the inserts have a practical grip, rinsing eggs under cold wate is very easy and the delicious eggs cann be served directly on the insert.

Even for small customers, the inserts can be a helpful companion for the next Easter for painting the Easter eggs.

Tell us about your experiences and what else you can do with the practical egg insert.

... and this is how it works!

Place the eggs in their insert in a pot with a lid.
Add water to the pot until the dimples of the insert are covered with water (see maximum water level mark* shown in the photo)

Take the egg insert out again. Then bring the water to boil with a pinch of salt. Turn down the heat until the water is just simmering.

  • Place the egg insert back in the pot and put the lid on. Set your egg timer to:

- Soft-boiled eggs: 4-5 min
- waxy soft yolks: 6 min
- hard-boiled eggs: 8 min

Rince the eggs in the insert under cold water, then drain and serve.


Make sure there is enough water in the pot to prevent the insert from melting. Take care when handling the insert (observe the recommended maximum water level)! Only allow children to boil eggs under adult supervision. With the low liquid level, you only require a little water to boil eggs and thus you make a further contribution to protect the environment.