Environmental projects

Many are responsible - we show responsibility!

With the development of our MeiBox, we would like to contribute actively to waste reduction and thus for a cleaner environment. The goal of our commitment is to maintain the natural basis of life of all life-forms with an efficient ecosystem.

With our support to the project 'plastic from the sea' we want to make a contribution to remove the disturbance or the damages caused by the humans.

Environmental project 'Plastic from the sea'

The last few years, the team of Green Ocean observed the continuous increase of plastic waste in the Mediterranean. As a result of calculations it led to an environmental exposure of 200 million tones of plastic waste. 2004, they discovered a huge garbage patch the size of Western Europe, which drives between Hawaii, Japan and the North of America in the Great Pacific and weighs about 3 million tones.

Green Ocean, however, has developped a concept that cleans the oceans effectively and without any particularly complicated measures. The garbage is fished out from the sea by fishermen. However, since they have had no incentive to deliver the garbage, they just threw it back into the sea.

Now, in two Italian towns (Calambrone and Livorno) rubbish skips have been established by Green Ocean. The waste will be bought from the fishermen at the port and disposed of properly. Recovered data are transferred to the national environment minister and the competent authorities in the EU.

Thereby, the aim is that the rules regarding the use of plastic in the packaging industry should change and that the plastic waste should be removed continuously, for example by the fishermen.
We would be delighted if you would support this action, too.