Our partners

Our distributors in Europe

For Germany

Hönig-Hof GmbH
Reißmühle 1
D-78357 Mühlingen,
Tel. 07775-9300-0

Contact person: Mr. Christoph Hönig

For Switzerland

Weyermannsstrasse 18
Postfach 3 05
CH-3000 Bern 5
Tel. 0041-31-380 88 19

Contact person: Mr. Hannes Messer

For the Netherlands

Eierhandel R. van Zetten
Ommerenveldsweg 43
NL-4032 NB Ommeren
Tel. 0031-344 609020

Contact person: Mr. van Zetten

We hope telling you soon in which stores in England and in the US you can find our MeiBox...