The system of the meibox

May I introduce myself?

I am the MeiBox - a reusable egg box for regionally produced eggs. I am a convincing concept thanks to my easy and fantastic handling and many well thought-out details. I am e.g. a useful aid in egg boiling. But what really characterize me, is the fact that disposable packaging waste is reduced.

MeiBox - Thats how I work!

At the first purchase, I have a label which is removed at the checkout or at home. From that point on, I, the MeiBox, belong to you and will be your reliable companion on shopping trips. I can be taken along to the food store for the next shop and can be filled with loose eggs.

Simply useful and clean!

With my two removable inserts, each holding four eggs with a grip in the middle, you can take out of the box the regionally produced eggs easily and comfortably. My inserts are temperature-resistant and you can place them directly in the saucepan and cook eggs. 

You save 1 cent per egg

As a thank-you for using the eco-friendly packaging you receive a reward at the checkout of about 1 cent per egg for saving on disposable packaging.

In the fridge

Once you get home, I better go straight into the fridge. Temperature fluctuations are balanced out by holes in the top. Furthermore the eggs are stored in the best possible way.