Where can you buy the MeiBox?

The MeiBox is sold in over ten thousand supermarkets in Germany, France, Italy and Austria. In addition, many small local producers use the MeiBox to sell their eggs directly to the customer. The MeiBox is not offered in your preferred market? Talk to the staff to raise awareness for the reusable eco-friendly egg box.

By offering the MeiBox supermarkets and local producers offer an ideal solution to reduce packaging waste. Once bought, you can bring your MeiBox every time you go shopping and restock it with locally produced eggs. This is an easy, environmentally friendly way to tackle packaging waste.

... uand many more.

Your preferred retailer does not sell the MeiBox? Just contact us and we will reach out to them in order to convince them of the green alternative to the cardboard box.

The eggs

We cooperate with local producers and retailers to promote regionality and short transporting distances. We firmly believe in locally produced eggs with the welfare of the chickens in mind.

That is why we founded the Huhn-und-Hahn-Initiative in Germany. Along with our partners we raise hens and roosters similarly. In our opinion, roosters deserve a species-appropriate life as well.