Re-usable egg boxes to reduce  packaging waste

"Re-usable plastic egg boxes are an intelligent and creative way to avoid single-use packaging waste"

Reduce, re-use…

Multi-use solutions have been a growing priority for a number of years now, making them a highly sought-after commodity. Single-use packaging is different from multi-use packaging in that it can, by definition, only be used once and must then be disposed of. Single-use packaging makes up around 50% of our household waste by volume. Once it has served its sole purpose, it is thrown away and never used again. In 2016, 18.2 million tonnes of packaging were used in Germany, with paper and soft and hard cardboard making up the majority with 8.1 million tonnes. The production and recycling of single-use cardboard requires a great deal of energy and resources.

Produce local, eat local

The MeiBox re-usable plastic egg box is a smart and creative way of avoiding single-use packaging.

MeiBox is made of polypropylene (or PP for short) and can be opened and closed a million times, as guaranteed by the manufacturer. PP is very long-lasting and contains no harmful plasticisers. One of PP’s advantages over other synthetic materials is that it is comparatively more suitable for recycling. A further benefit is that the latest in scanning technology can pick out almost all PP from other waste so that it can be re-used. It also complies with required food and hygiene provisions. All in all, MeiBox is ideal for storing eggs.

Produce local, eat local

Christoph Hönig always looks for short supply routes, and not just when it comes to the delivery of his eggs. The MeiBox is also produced in Germany, making it a truly sustainable product.

The little box with a big impact

When it came to developing the MeiBox, the environment was the main priority, as it always has been for Christoph Hönig. MeiBox is a well-thought-out and immensely practical product, thanks in no small part to the insert which enables energy to be saved when boiling eggs, and which is re-usable, thus negating the creation of single-use rubbish. Christoph has obviously patented this smart idea of his – after all, he was working on this little box with a big impact for any number of years until he managed to convince food stores to come on board with this environmentally-focused project in 2009.


Since then, over 10,000 food stores have adopted this multi-use device, with environmentally-conscious behaviour becoming an ever-more significant and hotly-debated topic both for companies and individuals. The development of the MeiBox has enabled Christoph and the Hönig Hof farm to make a sustainable contribution to the protection of the environment and the reduction of single-use waste.


Join us in making a contribution.

For the good of the environment